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Willow and hazel fence installations

Due to the very nature of willow and hazel, hurdles can vary slightly in size and colours. This however adds to the charm and natural feel you get once the hurdles have been erected , below are some guidelines to fixing the fences. These are just guidelines, as each situation requires a slightly different approach, due to location or the general terrain. The more secure the hurdles are the longer the lifespan.

  1. Depending on the size of the hurdles, we recommend the use of 2/3 inch treated round stakes as your posts .different sizes accordingly, i.e. a 8ft stake for a 6ft/5ft hurdle, 6ft stake for a 4/3ft hurdle.
  2. Depending on the soil these stakes if driven in should be fine, but if very soft we recommend the use of post crete (a quick setting cement mix for posts). This can be found at most builders merchants.
  3. Once the first post is in position, place the first hurdle next to it to find the required position for the next post, keeping them straight at all times.
  4. Initially you can drill through the first hazel upright and screw into the post top, middle and bottom. This can also be done at the next post. If the panels are slightly smaller the use of tree ties at the four corners should be sufficient, and can also be used in conjunction when fixing with screws.
  5. Lastly we recommend a piece of wood baton usually 19mmx 38mm, to act as a brace between the two posts, either just one for smaller hurdles or two top and bottom for the larger hurdles. The hurdles can then be adjusted slightly in height and fixed using a pre drilled hole and screw through the hazel uprights. this can also prevent the hurdle from sagging Again these are just guidelines that may assist you when erecting your hurdles but if you wish to speak to anyone for more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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